Healing Your Empty Arms

A Transformation Experience of Emotional Healing, Personal Growth and Spiritual Renewal After Your Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Loss of Your Baby or Child

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Do you ever wonder . . . Where do I start?

What do I do?

How do I get through this heart-wrenching pain?

Is it possible to emerge from my grief more resilient, with a greater capacity to love myself and others?

If you find yourself asking any of these questions, you are not alone.

Every year 1 million American women experience miscarriage.
35,000 experience a stillbirth.
3,500 lose babies to SIDS.
54,000 moms lose children to accidents and illness, through no fault of their own.

Over the next few minutes, I'd like to help you make a shift in how you think about healing after your painful loss. . .


Who is Pam Vredevelt and what value can she bring to my life?

Pam is a Mom who gets it. She delivered four babies. Her first baby, David, passed away in the womb, half-way to term. Her youngest son, Nathan, died when he was sixteen, after being hit by a car. Pam has walked in your shoes.

Pam is also a sought-after Licensed Professional Counselor, best-selling author, and online Emotional Health Coach. She has served thousands of people in private practice for thirty years, and written 14 books. You may have read her articles, heard her radio interviews or seen her media appearances on Fox, NBC, Focus on the Family, Moody Broadcast, Family Life Today, CBN, The 700 Club, Joni, Web MD, Babywise and many more.


I invite you to take inventory to see
the rest of this applies to you.


How many of these symptoms apply to you?

Typical Grief Responses

  • Reduced concentration
  • Difficulty in coping with daily activities
  • A sense of numbness
  • Disrupted sleeping patterns
  • Dreams and nightmares
  • Changed eating habits
  • Lack of pleasure in previous enjoyments
  • Roller coaster of emotional energy
  • Frequent feelings of anger, guilt, regret, confusion, jealousy
  • Desire to be alone
  • Lower self-esteem
  • Feeling like a failure

***If you marked any of these symptoms, you are likely grieving and could benefit from simple practices that accelerate emotional healing, and prevent unresolved grief from harming your health and relationships.

Learning how to accelerate your healing process is easier than you think with the proper guidance. That may sound odd coming from a therapist, but please stick with me.

For the past three decades I've been counseling people like you. Many haver lost babies, children, and loved ones. After personally helping thousands of people in my office, I can tell you that the majority of the healing work is done with take home guidance from me.

In fact, I've fine-tuned the process so that nearly anyone can do this with the guidance offered in our videos and Help Sheets and Healing Action Steps. Professional therapists, including me, are typically paid thousands of dollars to do what I am about to teach you.

What you need to know to process your grief in ways
that honor your loss and accelerate healing
can be done in the comfort of your home and safe relationships

You can easily learn these skills by following a clear healing action plan.

As long as I’ve been a therapist, I’ve wanted to help people fully recover and rise up strong after painful losses. It’s my passion because I know what happens when you ignore, block, and bury your pain.

When unresolved grief gets carried into your future, it can harm your health and the people you love. It drains your passion, motivation, creativity, mental clarity, and desire to fulfill your purpose and calling.

The good works you were created to accomplish get sidelined.

The cost is not simply personal. It is cultural and generational.

It's impossible to calculate the high cost of buried unresolved grief.

Sadly, many people struggle for years with unresolved grief. And it’s not their fault. No one showed them a way through grief or what to do with their all-consuming pain.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

For the longest time I have helped people like you, as much as my time allowed. They often told me about their friends and family members who also needed help. But many of them couldn’t take time off work to see a therapist, or they simply couldn’t afford it.

Every time I heard that scenario, I thought something is wrong with this picture! People need to be able to get help without it breaking the bank or forcing them to take time off work that they have to make up later. There has to be another way!

I spent a year exploring how I might be able to reach more people with the tools I offer in the counseling office, that got the best results.

I wanted grieving parents to have my specialized guidance right where they need it most, and where they have more time available - in the convenience and comfort of their home. I wanted to ease their burden of high office visit fees and having to travel across town or states to get expert help.

After eighteen months of intense work, and a large personal investment to produce high-quality videos, I’m excited to announce the new release of this at home program that we can do together. Healing Your Empty Arms: A Transformation Experience for Emotional Healing, Personal Growth, & Spiritual Renewal After a Miscarriage, Stillbirth, Loss of Your Baby or Child.


3 Modules - 9 Lessons

9 Video Lessons & Help Sheets

Daily Healing Actions Steps

Bonus Videos and Resources



  • Birdseye View: What you can expect along the way.
  • Discover options to partner with God in the healing process.
  • Understand the difference between healthy and unhealthy grief.
  • Learn the 6 critical needs of mourning and how to meet them.
  • How to transform your pain so you don't transmit it to those you love.

MODULE 2: Listen to Your Heart - Love All of You


  • It's not your fault that you landed in grief, unprepared and unaware of what to do next.
  • Understand how NOT to bury your feelings alive.
  • Discover the number one key to promote deep emotional healing.
  • Recognize the 7 most common triggers of guilt and regret and how to overcome them.
  • Practice noticing life-giving whispers from the still small voice within.



  • Why relationship conflicts intensify after your loss and what you can do to reverse the trend.
  • Reset your nervous system to calm anxiety and sharpen focus with a powerful practice used by military Special Ops teams.
  • Moms and Dads grieve in different ways. Know what to expect and how to help each other heal.
  • Learn how to discuss touchy topics using a safe format that leaves you feeling heard, cared for, and validated - especially when you and your loved one disagree on an issue.
  • Be equipped to help your children feel emotionally safe when talking about difficult subjects

Healing Your Empty Arms is designed so that anyone can do it.

You can do it by yourself, with your spouse, a friend, or with a group. I’ve broken the training into nine easy to understand lessons that combine both video and printable help sheets. It’s a proven path of experiential learning with clear and simple Healing Action Steps.

The lessons don’t take a lot of time. Most people can complete the work in 20 - 30 minutes a day, or less. When you do the work and learn the skills, what you practice going forward continues to promote personal growth, to build resilience, and improve your spiritual vitality.

It may be hard to believe, but with the proper care and guidance you can steadily move forward through grief and step into a brighter new normal. You can emerge from this painful place with a deeper sense of meaning, an increased capacity to love, and more passion for life than ever before."


I thought long and hard about this. An initial session with an expert is around $300. Follow up sessions are around $200. Most people doing brief focused work with a specialist average six to eight sessions. That’s a price range of $1500 - $1900.

I cut that by 75% and price the course at $475. My mentors didn't think this was a good idea, and said, "People won't take you seriously if you underprice your course."

I was still concerned that $475 might be out of reach for some who desperately need the content so I decided to do something special in honor of our baby, David, and our sixteen year old son, Nathan, who we long to see and can't wait to hug foreverafter.

Between now and March 5th, the day Nathan left us, those who join Healing Your Empty Arms will receive a very special price. Simply use the code MOM and you'll receive and automatic $100 discount.

The low price of $297 eliminates the stress of paying for office visits and taking time away from work for appointments. You can experience a proven path of emotional healing, personal growth and spiritual renewal in the convenience and comfort of your home. You choose the time that works best for you.

I’ve invested eighteen months of focused work to bring this product to you so that you can receive the proper care and attention your heart needs in the comfort of your own home, without the cost and hassles associated with making appointments for traditional office visits.

You’ll also receive an important BONUS: Office Hours

My daughter, Jessie, and I have monthly Office Hours where you can join us on FB live. You can ask questions about your grief experience, what you're learning in the program, or simply listen and receive relevant information we cover in that session.

Please note, during these Live Office Hours we cannot diagnose, assess, or offer professional advice. But short of that, we’ll help you perfect and refine your learning experience in Healing Your Empty Arms so that it works best for you.

You’ll also benefit from hearing our answers to other people’s questions. You'll gain insight and tips about how you can more effectively work through your grief and heal your heart.

Depending on how many times you join us in our live sessions, these Office Hours could be worth the price of the program alone.

“When I saw that this program had office hours with Pam Vredevelt included, I signed up right away. I've been beyond blessed. The combination of videos, Healing Action steps, and conversations with Pam and Jessie in real time is priceless. Their kindness, expertise, and personal encouragement has made all the difference in my healing."

Jen B.

You’ll also receive a SECOND important BONUS:

You have the opportunity to join our private closed online group to interact with others who are on this healing path. Jessie and I, along with our compassionate, skilled support team, are here to answer your questions, share insights, and encourage you along in your transformation experience.

We’ve all done the work, and are passionate about helping you succeed. You can interact with us as little or as much as you like.

You have probably tried other things to help you heal the pain, and I’m guessing that they didn’t help as much as you had hoped or you wouldn’t be reading this right now. I completely understand that you want Healing Your Empty Arms to work for YOU. With that in mind we want you to have a…

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

A 30-day guarantee is yours so that you can feel confident and comfortable participating in Healing Your Empty Arms. Your world has already been turned upside down. You don’t need to spin your wheels wondering if what you are doing will work or not. You need to know that you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by following a proven plan to honor your loss, release your pain, and heal your heart.

Simply do the work that comes with each lesson. Fill out the Help sheets and do the Healing Action Steps. If Healing Your Empty Arms doesn’t help you, simply send me copies of your completed worksheets and I’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

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Why is this grief so overwhelming?

The reality is, when you were growing up, you likely weren't taught how to deal with grief or recover from a painful loss. No one equipped you with the psychological and spiritual tools that promote healing. These things are not taught in high school or college classes.

Most parents don’t know how to teach this information either. In four years of graduate school I never once saw a class on how to deal with grief after a painful loss.

The good new is, you always have choices. I wish I had had someone to show me the way through my dark grief after we lost our baby, David, half-way to term. That's why I gave two years of my life to create this training.

Now, the choice is yours. There's no need to struggle alone. Join me, risk free, on a proven path and life changing experience of hope and healing.

Why not start fresh and begin your healing journey today?

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course starts now and never ends! It is a completely self-paced online course - you decide when you start and when you finish.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
What if I am unhappy with the course?
We're confident that when you do the work, you'll get enormous benefit from this experience. We're happy to back that up with our 100% risk - free guarantee.

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